Malta International Fireworks Festival – 2023

The Ministry for Tourism and the Malta Tourism Authority are pleased to announce that the 21st edition of the Malta International Fireworks Festival will be taking place on seven nights between Monday 24th April and Sunday 30th April 2023. Each night promises to be a beautiful display of colour and coordination, and the closing night is bound to be a true spectacle.

The festival also has a competitive edge! Each year, the festival hosts a Pyromusical competition, which means that the fireworks are designed to match the rhythm of a musical number! Awards are then distributed to the most impressive displays.

Nadur will be featured in this year’s festival. I think we can all agree that the Belvedere in Nadur has a spectacular panorama view. We just can’t imagine how incredible the view will be lit up by the exceptional fireworks display we have in store. Can you?
We can’t wait to share the jam-packed programme we have planned for the Gozo edition.
Make sure to make your way to Gozo on the 29th of April, we have a little something special planned.

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