laremi packed lunch

We believe you should be able to enjoy your lunchtime, no matter where you are.

We make healthy, convenient, and delicious lunches which are a perfect mix of anything you might want! It’s the best option if you want to eat on the beach, hills or while traveling.

* Please note all our services are being provided only for Laremi Bed & Breakfast guests

Solving your travel lunch needs

It doesn’t matter if you’re vegetarian, vegan or have some type of food intolerance, LAREMI PACKED LUNCH has something for everyone with a range of balanced and nutrient-dense op-
tions. We have meals suitable for every taste.

Traditional lunch options can feel like

We come up with your daily menu based on your preferences and dietary needs. From there, we develop our recipes with seasonal ingredients that are all locally sourced and freshly delivered daily directly to our kitchen!

Made fresh every day in our kitchen

Made by one of our team members who has years of experience in food preparation. All meals are individually packed and all ingredients are fresh from local farmers every day!


We’ll confirm availability within 12 hours.

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